Getting Started with Connected Learning

Honoring our interests and creating an online presence of our own

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Welcome to ED677 where we will be seeking equity in connected learning, and having fun connecting while we do it!

I am Christina Cantrill and I will be your instructor for this semester. I work for the National Writing Project as a Senior Program Associate and director the NWP Digital Is project, part of our larger Educator Innovator Initiative.

What does “connected learning” mean to you? Take a few moments to yourself and jot down some words that you think of when you read that phrase. You can click on this document and add your words here if you’d like to do so. Don’t be shy … there are no wrong answers! :)

There are no wrong answers because whatever it means to you is probably exactly right — there are many ways to connect (both on and offline) and to learn through those connections. This course will be about exploring ways that we can connect and reflecting on the implications for learning and teaching.

Read more about the course via our syllabus.

Getting Started

The first three weeks are dedicated to getting started with connected learning. This week, Jan 12-18, we will be getting started with in the following ways:

  1. Please create an online presence of your own, starting with setting up a Google + account. This is important to do before Wednesday at 7pm ET. I created a guide to Connect via Google + that should help you do this via your Arcadia Gmail account.
  2. I’d also ask you to create your own blog and connect that blog to our ED677 class blog. I created a guide for that too: Connect via your Blog.
  3. We also have some suggested readings/watchings for this week as you get started …
  4. By the end of the week, please post something to your blog and something to the G+ community that introduce yourself to everyone else.
    • Want a prompt? Here’s one: Describe an interest that you had as a young person, whether or not that interest was recognized as learning in school. Write about it … What piqued this interest? How did you pursue that interest or what did it make you think about? What and who supported you as you dove deeper? In what ways were those interested connected, or not. What were the implications?
  5. Read what others have shared this week.
    • Can you find five things by Friday that you appreciate that others have shared? If so, post links, on your blog or the G+ community, for “Find 5 Friday” also known as #f5f.

Details about Wednesday, Jan 14 2015

  • If you are interested and able to meet face to face, please meet in UCOM Commons Meeting Rooms 2-3 at 6pm ET. We will work on getting started stuff together. (Here’s the campus map if you need it.)
  • Connect online with us at 7pm ET via Google Hangout. We will learn how to hangout, review the syllabus, do some writing, and mostly just say “hello” to each other.
    • You can watch and chat on the Our Gatherings page:
    • You can join the hangout (I will send a link to join via email)
      • You must have your Google + account active in order to join (learn how here)
      • If you join the hangout, please stop watching/pause the broadcast because the sound will feedback.
      • Only 10 people can be on at one time; We will take turns if we run out of space.
      • It’s best if you use earbuds when joining a hangout.
      • This will not run perfectly (it never does the first time :))

If you have questions you can email me directly at cantrillc at

Really excited that you are participating in this course and I am looking forward to learning with all of you.