Our Syllabus

Our syllabus is organized with these large topics although activities and related resources will emerge as we go. ED677 will run from January 12 – April 26 during the Spring 2015.

Follow the details on this ED677-Syllabus-in-Progress.

Getting started with Connected Learning
Jan 12-18 : honoring our interests and creating an online presence of our own
Jan 19-25 : democratic principles and participatory cultures
Jan 26-Feb 1 : mapping in/equity
Cross-cycle reflection point
Theories of Knowledge and Communities of Practice
Feb 2-8 : hacking/distributing knowledge
Feb 9-15 : learning in community
Feb 16-22 : the role of practitioner knowledge and networked inquiry
Cross-cycle reflection point
Learning in Production-centered, Shared Purpose and Openly Networked environments
Feb 23-Mar 1 : maker movement
Mar 2-8 : purpose, agency and engagement
Mar 9-15 : open learning
Cross-cycle reflection point
Learning in Interest-driven, Peer-supported and Community Connected environments
Mar 22-29 : unpacking interests
Mar 30-Apr 5
: peer-supported learning
Apr 6-12 : civic, academic and community connected
Cross-cycle reflection point
Designing for equity and possibility
Apr 13-19 : imagining forward
Apr 20-26 : imagining forward

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