Thank You!

credit: jen collins on Flickr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
credit: jen collins on Flickr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Happy beautiful Sunday!

Thank you all for being connected learners throughout this semester and congratulations on your hard and good work. The active questions you’ve all taken on around connected learning – both what does it mean to you as learners and teachers and how do we achieve equity for all learners in connected ways – are active and critical questions and I applaud your commitment, creativity and participation throughout the semester.

Also … YoUr MAKES aRe INSPIRING! … and I am so excited to see the ways you further engage this work in the world. And as Kathy said so nicely on Wednesday evening, let this not be your last make! Please stay in touch and tweet, post, share updates as you go.

I also want to send a personal thanks as I’ve gained so much from each of you, as well as the group of you, as a learner and as a teacher. I plan to share and highlight those learnings in an in-progress make of my own that I will post to my blog and cross-post to our community. It is my intention to follow-up with you on your self-assessments by the end of this week.

Finally, here are a few things I would recommend in terms of staying connected in this work and to the larger movement:

  1. Sign up for Educator Innovator and follow @innovates_ed
    Educator Innovator is both a blog and a growing community of educators, partners and supporters. If we want to educate a generation of young people to be innovators — to create, build, design, and use their talents to improve their world — we need to value the creative capacity in the mentors and teachers who support them. Educator Innovator gathers together like-minded colleagues and organizations who value open learning for educators and whose interests and spirits exemplify Connected Learning.
  2. Join the 3rd Making Learning Connected, aka CLMOOC starting June 18
    This summer educators from the National Writing Project and partners from Educator Innovator will be running the third CLMOOC from mid-June through July and we hope that you will join us! CLMOOC is not a course but a “collaboration” and therefore you can come and go or stay as long as you please. Sign ups open May 15; follow @clmooc and #clmooc to find out more about what’s in store for this coming summer.
  3. Post your make at NWP Digital Is with the tags #clequity, #connectedlearning
    Your final “makes” are important resources that I encourage you to use and to share beyond this community. I encourage you to post them via your social channels and in your local communities and among colleagues with the tags #clequity and #connectedlearning. Also please consider posting/cross-posting them at NWP Digital Is.

    • (Note that this site is open and you can just join to post a blog; there are also other ways to participate).

Have a playful and maker-filled summer ahead!

Meme by Kira Baker-Doyle shared during CLMOOC Summer 2014

In connected learning solidarity,

ps. I lost the game. Oy!

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