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Meme by Beth O'Connor, CLMOOC 2014
Meme by Beth O’Connor, CLMOOC 2014

Happy Sunday!

This week, please return to the ebook Teaching in the Connected Learning Classroom in order to focus this time on Danielle Filipiak’s Chapter on “Shared Purpose” (starts page 87). She frames the three vignettes in this chapter with the idea of resistance, resilience and relationships. Use these ideas of shared purpose to continue digging into your inquiry and making this week.

Our guest this week, educational blogger, author and activist José Vilson, is another source of thinking for us around shared purpose. In his most recent blog post he writes “It’s pedagogy over everything. How do we have better conversations on what works?” José is also a blogger at Edutopia.

Here are a few additional resources that I think link to opportunities where students and/or educators are engaged around shared purpose:

The week ahead:

Wednesday: We will gather via Google Hangout from 8-9pm ET and José Vilson will be our guest.

Our make this week: Create a “Meme with a Message”:

Blogging prompt idea: What are you most passionate about when it comes to connected learning and inquiry? What really matters to you? What is your inquiry?

*If you are still looking for your inquiry, I encourage you to go back at your 10 self/10 world questions and do some related free-writing around a question you have there to help yourself clarify and/or deepen your focus.  Youth Voices is again a resource as they have a mission around this you use/remix called Freewriting, focused sentences, and generative themes: Finding your niche.

Seek and Search on Saturday or Sunday: Seek 6/7 things that support and/or help you deepen your inquiry.

Tech tip:

Learn more about KQED’s Do Now and check out their Media-Making Tutorials in support of youth responding to current issues via social media.


In learning and connecting solidarity,

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