Academically-oriented and Community Connected

Piano on the pier by Ed Yourdon via Flickr CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
Piano on the pier by Ed Yourdon via Flickr

“Learners flourish and realize their potential when they can connect their interests and social engagement to academic studies, civic engagement, and career opportunity” (Ito et al. 2013:8)

This will be our final week with Garcia, et al. in Teaching in the Connected Learning Classroom. Please start on page 39 this time to think with Antero, Janelle, Larissa, and Nick about academically-oriented teaching within connected learning.

Also don’t miss Antero and others you’ve met along the way talking about Inspiring Students to Engage in Transformative Civic Learning

A few related resources in NWP Digital Is:

And a word from “Brother” Mike Hawkins on Mentorship and connected learning.

This week ahead →

Wednesday: We will be gathering again at 8pm ET on Wednesday and I hope to have a couple colleagues “pop” in and join us … stay tuned!

Our make(s) this week:This week let’s make a pop-up!

Why pop-ups? Well … first, it’s been a long winter so let’s celebrate the things that are popping-up, like crocus and daffodils, etc. And then there are also many things that can pop-up … like an orchestraa library, a card, a gallery, a video, books, fractals, a museum, pianos, a dancing city, poetry, electronics, maker spaces, a park, even tools for democracy!

What would you like to pop-up?

Here’s one way to start … this week start with your seeking, ie. find 6/7 things this week that “pop out” to you when you think about seeking equity in connected learning. These things could be connected to your inquiry, could be things that others have talked about and share, or from our readings/watchings, etc. From there take one of these things and make them “pop-up” in some way … you can do this literally or you can do this figuratively. Maybe you create a spontaneous learning/teaching event, maybe you create something on paper, maybe you take a space and use in a completely new way … how you pop-up something is entirely up to you.

Seeking/Searching this week: 6/7 things this week that “pop out” to you when seek equity in connected learning … and then thoughts on how we can design for it.

This week’s tech tips →

In connected learning solidarity,


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