Our Gatherings

We will be gathering weekly online to check in and talk about things we are making and learning. You can watch our live online gatherings here and connect with us via the chat feature below. Archives are here.

2 thoughts on “Our Gatherings”

  1. My #f5f

    1. The screencast Christina made for us pointing out the different audiences we will have when posting in the G+ boards was helpful.

    2. Feeling like a Twitter language learner TLL during the twitter chat, I appreciated the support and compassion i felt from Christina and others. Thank you so much all. I will get there given a bit of time. BTW, If anyone (especially if you feel like a TLL like me) would like to participate with me in a smaller twitter chat on a specific topic, maybe about STEM or something else, like Lip Balm, let me know and we can set it up. We could go a bit slower and help each other.

    3. I liked Lizzie’s tweets during the twitter chat. I like the examples she brings up and her ideas.

    4. I found Katy McKay’s article “Do Our Students Have Access”. by the Alliance Heart of Texas Writing Project meaningful, especially the idea of urgency for us to integrate technology into our curriculum and the examples she gave. The importance of having our students upload, rather than download to participate and connect.

    5. I am thankful for the webinar/hangout I watched called”Connected Learning as a Pathway to Equity and Opportunity”. There were such great ideas throughout and it helped me deepen my understanding and motivation to learn more about it.


    1. These are great reflections Kathy. Because they are in the comments here on the gatherings page I’m a little worried others won’t see them – and I’d like you to get response, especially to #2.

      In order to publish it more widely, I would do one or both of these things:

      1. Publish this as a new post on your blog.
      2. Post this to the G+ community.

      Thanks! Excited to be in this exploration with you.


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