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A key idea here at ED677 is that we use and maintain our own domain or webspace — and establishing a blog is a simple way to get started with this. Our ED677 blog is set up then to pull all the feeds from our blogs into the homepage of this site.

All course participants must submit the URL of their blog in order to be part of this automatic feed. If you use your blog for multiple things, tag related posts with #clequity and send the feed for that particular tag (read more how to do that below).

Submit your blog here

Getting started blogging

Getting started with blogs and blogging is much more dependent on personal preferences. There are many blogging tools to choose from and different options and affordances available with each one.

The best way to familiarize yourself with blogging — both the options and the genre — is to read and follow bloggers. Here is a blog post by blogger/educator Alan Levine about how to “blog like a champion” that also gets to a set of tips about writing and participating as a blogger. Here are some crowd-sourced blogs which related to equity & connected learning that might be of interest to browse.

Once you are ready to start blogging here you have a few options:

  1. Create a New Blog.
  2. Use Your Current Blog
  3. Use Your New Blog for a Variety of Things

Create a New Blog

You can pick almost any blogging platform. Popular ones include WordPress, Tumblr, Typepad, Squarespace and also Blogger (note for Arcadia students: your Arcadia Gmail accounts does not support Blogger so you would need to sign up with a personal Gmail if you have one). Any other blog that you are comfortable should also be fine.

Consider a title, a set-up, images and basic template design when creating a new blog. Even if you are using this blog only for ED677, maybe consider giving it a name that reflects you as well as this course. Your blog should be reflective of you as an individual so be creative and have fun while getting it set up.

Once you get it set up, post something to say hello and introduce yourself! And then submit your blog here.

Use Your Current Blog and/or Use your New Blog for a Variety of Things

To use a blog that you already have or to blog about a variety of things on one blog, you can use tags and/or categories within that blog to create a feed. This Feed can then be submitted and only related posts will show up here on our ED677 blog.

Each blog creates feeds  differently, but here are some tips that might help:

If you use WordPress:

  1. Create a category on your blog called clequity or create a new WordPress blog at and add the category clequity.
  2. Find the RSS feed of the category by using this logic:

If you use Blogger:

  1. Create a label on your blog called clequity or create a new Blogger blog at and add the label clequity
  2. Find the RSS feed of the label by using this logic:

If you use Tumblr:

  1. Create a #clequity tag within a post that you publish. Click on that tag once published to get the URL for all of the posts with that tag.
  2. Add /rss to the end of that URL. This is the logic of the feed:

If you use something else … please refer to the Help menu  of your blogging software.

Once you get it set up, post something to say hello and introduce yourself! And then submit your blog here.

2 thoughts on “Connect via your Blog”

  1. I just clicked on the Lizzy’s blog on the left: “Miss Double U’s Thoughts and What She’s Been Thinkin” and left a response, however, it declined me or blocked me and said I didn’t have permission. Not sure why.

    Anyway, here is the gist of what I said.

    Is that a Green Board behind you?! You poor thing. With my asthma and allergies, I had trouble with chalk long ago so I used to use an over head projector (portable machine with a uses mirrors and bright light to project).

    The genuine student showings of thank you and appreciation I always treasured the most as a teacher so if the birthday/drawing was genuine, it IS sweet.

    I am looking forward to learning with you in this class and our other one this semester.


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