My Final S7S

It is with a Heavy Heart and sad final week of classes that I have to report my last S7S for this term.

1) I appreciate all of my teachers this term, and their faith in my and I thank them for never giving up on me.

2) I appreciate my Where I am From poem that I have made as my make, and my books of quotes that I started this term. all of the positive vibes I received this semester has stuck with me.

3) I appreciate Christina Cantrill sharing with us her Six Images. It seems like an amazing idea that I can introduce students to when I start teaching.

4) I appreciate the teacher who asked her what they wished that she knew. Because I think it’s important that every teacher do this in all of their classes. I feel like this could be a way to give kids a safe haven or an outlet or anyway for the teacher to help them. .

5)I appreciate Badges, and Connected Learning in ways I didn’t think I would. Finding new ways to set up meetings and group meetings and different place to come together for a common purpose.

6) I appreciate Clequity, Techquity, and the ability to learn and teach through games.  I Lost the game AGAIN!

7) I appreciate that technology, and connected learning allow  teachers to teach children that the World Is round, and that I can hangout on google with someone in china via technology. I love technology and all it does to help us and our students.


Hello spring break! This week we have a long week for spring break. Even though most my friends go traveling for vacation, I stay in this area to travel around and still found many things new and interesting to me.

1. I am inspired by the CL checklist posted by +Kelly MacMath : It gives me an organized form about connected learning, and also guides me how to implement and practice these principles in my program.

2. I want to share an video about openly networked learning, which presents that online platforms and digital tools can make learning resources abundant, accessible, and visible across all learner settings.

3. “If teaching is a process of teachers loving what they do in front of their students as a way of conveying passion and excitement and curiosity, as one of my favorite teachers describes, then the connected learning principle of openly networked is about creating opportunities for students and teachers to discover those people who love what they know to share that love with others” -Teaching in the Connected Learning Classroom. I like the description of connected learning process. It facilitates teachers and students share and convey passion, interests and knowledge with people through such an open and transparent channel.

4. I like the post of +Christina Cantrill: While I was reading this article, it reminded me of my schooling period,  schools didn’t allow students to use social media and technology device on campus. Because they would easily distract students’ attention and students also possibly misuse them. So, we couldn’t connect with people and communities in a big world, and we couldn’t find resources and important information which could be used in the classroom. As the world is turning to be digital, it is crucial for schools to realize the importance of connected networking , and a successful education should be teaching students how to be engaged in learning through social media rather than block students’ interests in social media.

5. I feel happy I got a nice feedback from my fieldwork supervisor. She praised my passion and patience with children in after-school program, it gave me a lot of motivation to put more efforts in.

6. This video presents the expectations of students about their schools and teacher, and it helps educators give more concerns about students needs instead of only giving them requirements.

7 A connected learning classroom designed in south korea to learn English and connect students over the world:



Tomorrow is Read Across America day. I’ve never done anything related in my classes before because I’ve always taught high school. I’m planning on reading The Lorax with my 7th graders. Wish me luck!

Checking out the maps of our journeys was great. Nice to see how everyone has interpreted #677 so far.

The Caine’s Arcade video was awesome. I remember hearing about it before, maybe on Huffington Post or a daytime TV show, like Ellen. But I never saw the video or understood the full idea behind it until I watched it this week. It’s great seeing a child have so much imagination and ingenuity. I think I’ll show it to my students as a treat sometime soon.

Amy- Nice job with the crochet Prezi. My mom picked up crochet a couple years ago and seems like she’s addicted. I tried to learn a couple times but I’m kind of impatient. But it’s worked out for my sisters and I because we all got handmade hats and scarves for Christmas. I like your template—I need to play around with Prezi more to see what it offers.

Hitch- #thedress was EVERYWHERE this week. I’m sure you’re ready to forget about it even more than the rest of us! But your lesson on perception was really neat. A perfect example of how to take advantage of a teachable moment.

Our department is creating a list of supplies to request next year’s budget. Does anyone have experience with the device called the “lady bug”? It’s a tool that allows you to project paper documents onto your Smartboard. It’s great for editing essays as a class or showing student work. If anyone has one, let me know how you like it?

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend. I’m going now; I have to put a spoon under my pillow, put my PJ’s on inside out, and do a dance in the front yard. #snowdayplease


Forgotten s7s

Our prompt this week was our journey in Ed 677 as well as our life and I’d like to take sometime to reflect on that.
1. I am grateful for my  amazing for family pushing me to go back to school. I’m never confident in my ability and they always say the right things to make me more confident in myself.
2. I am actually grateful that I was let go from my last job because if they hadn’t let me go than I wouldn’t have my amazing job and I wouldn’t be back at school.
3. I am grateful to  Arcadia university for making sure  that we have the tools we need to be successful  student’s.
4. I am grateful for my high school English professor for pushing me to read as much as I can, because without her I wouldn’t be where I am today.
5. I am truly grateful to have the most amazing friends a girl can ask for. They tell me what I need to hear not what I want to hear.
6. I am grateful to all of my Arcadia professors,  all of whom have helped me grow professionally as well as personally.
7. Lastly I am thankful to God for giving me the direction I needed in my life. Without his presence in my life I’m not sure where I would be.

I am so truly thankful for this particular assignment because it is very rare that I get to think about everything I’m grateful for and what I appreciate in my life. So thank you Professor for this assignment it means more to me than you realize
Enjoy your week everyone.
Amy T.

Amy T.

#S7S Take 2

Hello everyone, I hope you have all had an amazing Valentines day and are going to enjoy your Presidents day. Today I am so excited to share my week with everyone.

1. I appreciate getting the amazing chance to meet several people in our class this past Friday Evening.

2. I appreciate the chance that I get to discover through our posts, and through our collaborative learning that I have discovered that trying to explain to young children what technology is and connected learning is trying to tell them that the world is round.

3. I appreciate the posts from my classmates, with many different quote. A friend of mine taught me a valuable lesson in one quote : “Life as a teacher begins the day you realize you are always learner”. I connect with this post on so many levels. As a teacher my students teach me new things everyday. As a Student my Teachers teach me new things everytime we meet, and it simply amazes me and moves me everyday.

4. I appreciate my Professors input in very many ways without their guidance I would not be the student I am today.

5. I appreciate that with my working hands I can give back to my community in so many ways, but with my 2 working hands I can give my crying student a hug, or teach her that 4 toy gorillas is the same weight as 24 toy bananas.

6. I appreciate that I am able to meet new people in my class each week to teach me something new related to technology. I.E. Book hacking, game hacking, book jams, techquity, and Connected learning.

7. Last but Certainly not least, I appreciate that with everyday my students ask me a question and I am able to answer it because I actually get to tell them that the world is round and watch the reaction on their faces. I can teach them book hacks, and games and connected learning and tell them they can talk to their family in another country.

I love Technology, and the power it gives to child learners.

I hope everyone has an amazing week, and that Everyone is well.

Amy T.

Search 7 Sundays take 1

I have had an amazing first week of work. I am excited to start week 2. So before I start here is my Search 7 Sundays.

1) I appreciate “Losing the Game” as I have at least 8 times since I’ve learned of the game on Wednesday night.

2) I appreciate Learning to play everyday in a classroom as a way to teach my students.

3) I appreciate the article that Christina posted about Learning being a privilege, It has given me a chance to think about many different things and how to try and change the way people think.

4) I appreciate the writer of the article that wrote the article Entitled The importance of a name by Valerie Strauss, I find it important to realize the advocates for Education, and the educational system.

5) I appreciate all the teachers in my life, and how they have all motivated me to become the person I am. How they have all pushed me to persevere and keep going everytime I wanted to give up.

6) I appreciate Chad Sansing, for all his ideas on games in the classroom, and all the game ideas he has given me, I can not wait to try scratch.

7) I appreciate the idea of a book hack. I love that I can take apart books from several different locations and make new ones, And use them in my new classrooms with the kids in my class. I truly can not wait to try a book hack in a high school and see what happens :)

Hope everyone has an amazing week ahead, and Remember to PLAY!!!!

Amy T.