Getting Started, Week One ED677 #F5F

There is much to appreciate this week at ED667 #clequity. Here are my #f5f!

CC0 Public Domain

#1: I appreciate everyone registered for ED677 for jumping in and making it happen on Wednesday’s hangout/gathering.

#2: I appreciate all the personalities I can start to see via the blogs that folks set up so far. (You can see them too at our ED677 class blog.)

#3: I appreciate all the support I got from @cogdog@ReclaimHosting and @jimgroom​ in setting up our ED677 class blog.

#4. I appreciate all the inspiration from Making Learning Connected, Connected Courses, @kjbd and @meenoorami for making this course happen.

#5. I appreciate @anna_phd for coming up with the #f5f thang in the first place!